city lovers

Originally the City Lovers logo was designed in black and white for humanitarian purposes. Then it was colored to conquer the world !  Our hope is that throughout the planet  it can become a universal symbol of love and brotherwood. And you can help to achieve this goal. Now the trade marked logo is present across the five continents in more than 60 countries...


Sweet lovers in Paris


This City Lovers couple seated on the Trocadero terrace overlooking the Eiffel Tower seems to ignore the old iron lady. They are probably too busy with their tender thoughts... You can see that the famous tower is printed on the Paris  City Lovers logo. Right in the heart of the girl. Could this be different ?

LONDON LOVER in front of Big Ben !

london tower


Who  says that it always rains over the UK. ? 

These City Lovers seem to prove the opposite in short sleeves and bermudas. Will they soon  dive into the Thames river behind them ?

NEW YORK LOVERS across the streets of the big apple !

new  york fifth avenue


At the intersection of 34th street and 5th avenue, this  City Lovers couple doesn't seem to be impressed by the huge skyscrapers around them; nor by the classy shops on 5th avenue, this luxury temple in NEW YORK.

ROME LOVE STORY in piazza Navona !

rome piazza navona


The fountain on the piazza Navona must have seen so many City Lovers since it exists !

But we have to say that this  City Lovers couple is awfully charming !

Could that be why the fountain got suddenly  dry ?



tokyo ginza


The hustle and bustle in Ginza's street never stop. Even in the evening.

Who said Japanese lovers never show their feelings ? Particularly in the public.

The popular saying doesn't matter to this japanese City Lovers couple. They don't seem bothered by the crowd at all ! Who might blame them ?

BARCELONA love holidays under the bright sun !



These City Lovers are very busy with taking a selfie. They turn their back at the city of BARCELONA and at the gorgeous blue sea. But I bet they'll get off and visit the city soon, and even go to the beach.

It's very tempting this deep blue sea. Isn't it ?